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  1. Howard, I am overwhelmed by your beautiful words, your incredible journey, your love and appreciation for the incredible life you have made for Laurel and Julian. You made such an incredible impact on the people you have touched. However….I have NO recollection of Mike and Keith at Bun N Burger. Maybe I was too stoned. I clearly remember our friendship that year and it had a very lasting effect on me. You drove me home from work on a December evening, the night my grandmother died. I remember sitting outside with you and chatting before going inside. My mother wanted to hug me and tell me that my grandmother died, but we had just smoked (no recollection if cigarette or a bone) and I didn’t want her to smell me. I remember it like it was yesterday, along with the pale yellow BNB uniforms.

    Please keep writing, as your words bring peace and solace to an incredibly difficult story of love and life. Thank you for sharing!


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    1. Wow! Shari! I too remember fondly our time together at BnB. It’s one consolation of working crappy, or merely meh jobs, that they become fertile ground for forging friendships that help the time and occasional misery go by. Mike and Rick didn’t last very long at BnB. They both quit. Thanks for sharing your memory of that one drive home in particular. I can see why the memory has stuck with you all these years. Thanks so much for your kind words. Peace, Howard

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