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IMG_0799.JPGHoward Muhlberg is a husband, father, musician, writer, and photographer, “living” with ALS, aka Lou Gehrig’s Disease, in Bellingham, Washington.

I, Too, Heard The Owl: Scrapbook of a Dying Writer — a portion of which may or may not have been transmitted to him by aliens via coconuts — is his one and only “book.”

Previously, Howard wrote the blog Fish & Bicycles for approximately nine years. All of the photographs included on this site, except where noted or which feature him as the subject, are his. More of his photography can be found at Fish & Bicycles – Photoblog, and on Instagram: @howardmuhlberg.

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12 thoughts on “About The Author

  1. I had such fun following your blog Fish & Bicycles, Howard. It is heartbreaking to read that you have ALS.
    I am so happy that you have love in your life .

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    1. Helen! It’s so nice to hear from you! I had such fun following you and your beautiful photography. I know I don’t Like and Comment anymore, but I do visit and still get great enjoyment from your photos. I hope you are well, all the way across the pond. Cheers. 🙏🏼✌🏼😊

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      1. I follow what is happening with corona virus in the USA too. Don’t go drinking any disinfectant!

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      2. It’s funny but of course not funny!

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  2. How are you doing with the ALS ? Not a good disease to have my friend


    1. I should add that I was a social worker in a physical disability team so very familiar with this condition

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      1. They call it MND there, as you know, but it’s the same thing, or more accurately the same vague, wildly variable set of things. It’s been brutal, for all the reasons I’ve written about, but I’ve been lucky in one regard: no bulbar symptoms yet.


      2. Long may that continue Howard.

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    2. Yes, ALS sucks! I wrote about the many ways it sucks in my memoir, and it’s only getting worse, I’m afraid. I’m trying very hard to stay present, and enjoy what I can for as long as I can. I’m still able to walk very short distances, climb one set of stairs in my house once a day, and my two index fingers are doing all the typing. I’m blessed with friends and family and I’m in good hands for the home stretch. Again, so very nice to hear from you!

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      1. So important to concentrate on the things you can still do . I intend to read your memoir now that I have found it. ( though my concentration is shot to pieces for reading these days) keep as positive as you are able.

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