Dear Owl: Vol. 1

owl-profileDear Owl,

We need to talk. See, I really like hearing your call on our property nearly every night: hoo, hoo, hoo-hoo.

It’s lovely, comforting.

But, sometime before the sun goes down each day, I scan the trees for a glimpse of you, and I’ve only ever spotted you that one time nearly three years ago.

Back in January 2019, during my psilocybin trip, it seemed to me that we had a special connection, you and I. I was facing my last ever journey, was pretty scared about it, you seemed to be assuring me that you’d be right there with me, and I even opened up to the idea that I might take the form of an owl when I was all done with my human body.

Well, as it turns out, though I appreciate hearing your nightly reminders that you are here with me, I would like to deepen our friendship. So, I thought I’d initiate this correspondence of sorts. No need for you to reply. I’ll just be checking in with you from time to time, sharing thoughts about this last journey I’m on, keeping you apprised of my progress.

I could just continue listening and looking out for you, Owl, but I thought it would be nicer for you to get to know me better. This way, with these periodic letters, you’ll be able to see how you’ve claimed a place in my heart, and hopefully I can lay claim to a place in yours.

Warm regards,


1 thought on “Dear Owl: Vol. 1

  1. That elusive hooter! Xo


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