Chapter 24: The Coin Toss

D6EB92B7-4E95-48CA-8558-671C20C34F55But one thing I knew was a priority was research of any alternative treatments out there, or any promising clinical trials seeking participants, and through one act of support, a friend who did some internet searching informed me of a trial for a stem cell treatment developed by an Israeli company called Brainstorm.

It was a double-blind, placebo-controlled study: bone marrow is extracted from the patient’s hip, stem cells are cultivated from the marrow in a lab via a proprietary process, there were to be 200 participants, 100 would get three infusions of stems cells, eight weeks apart, and the other 100 would get a placebo.

It was a 50-50 chance, I’d have to travel 1,200 miles to and from Los Angeles, California 14 times over 12 months, I’d have to pay for all of my own travel expenses, endure the rigors of travel, navigate all of the logistics, all for a 50-50 chance….

…and it was absolutely the only option that showed any promise whatsoever.

With the cautionary tale from the naturopathic doctor still fresh in my mind — fight, or die relatively quickly — the decision was made.

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